BICCN Events


June 6, 2022


2022 Spring BICCN Consortium Meeting

BICCN Consortium members will join us for the Spring BICCN Consortium meeting which will be held virtually on June 6th. Registration by  May 31st. Consortium members should check their email for meeting details and registration.


June 15-16, 2022


BICCN Omics Workshop

The BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) is hosting a workshop (spread out over two half days) to highlight the datasets, tools, and resources generated by the BICCN. This FREE virtual event will include training in the use of cloud and web resources to engage in single-cell transcriptome data analysis and visualization. Day one of the workshop will focus on the query and exploration of analyzed data associated with genes and cells and will include instruction on the use of a variety of tools for interrogating and visualizing BICCN data. Attendees will approach data in a global as well as local context through exercises employing various tools. No programming experience is required for day one. In day two of the workshop, participants will learn how to find BICCN data of interest, export it to the bioinformatics platform Terra, analyze it with BICCN-related pipelines and community tools like CellBender and visualize it with Single Cell Portal, a resource for disseminating single-cell data. Learn more here


June 21-22, 2022


8th Annual BRAIN Initiative Meeting

Registration is now open for the 8th Annual BRAIN Initiative Meeting. Meeting details and registration information can be found here


Past BICCN Events


May 12, 2022


BRAIN data standards workshop: Mapping of Cell Type Data

In this workshop, we will explore best practices for mapping single cell data to reference cell atlases. Mapping single cell data to reference cell atlases is complicated by batch effects between datasets, systematic differences in biological conditions of the samples, limited availability of computational resources, and sharing restrictions on raw data. While our focus is on transcriptomically-defined cell types of the brain, applications in other tissues and in the use of other data modalities will also be considered. General attendees are invited to listen to the full workshop and pose questions to the speakers. Data challenge participants will submit preliminary results and have the opportunity to present. Learn more here


April 21-22, 2022


DANDI: Human ex-vivo microscopy workshop/hackathon

The goal of this set of events is to  introduce the BICCN human ex vivo MRI and microscopy datasets, involve the relevant communities to develop and explore scientific ideas, create tooling around these and future datasets to make it easy, and plan towards development of an online, digital, cellular atlas and knowledge base in the human brain. Please feel free to comment on this community doc. Pre meetings starting March 15.


April 4-7, 2022


1st Get Your Brain Straight Hackathon

The Get Your Brain Straight hackathons bring together neuroimage data generators, image registration researchers, and neurodata compute infrastructure providers for a hands-on, collaborative event. This community collaboration aims to create reproducible, open source resources that enable discovery of the structure and function of brains. Details and sign up here.


November 4-5, 2021


Joint Sessions on Cross-Species Analysis and Combined Data Pipelines

Joint meeting between the BICCN, PsychENCODE, and NCRCRG and Convergent Neuroscience Consortia. There will be sessions on cross-species analyses and shared pipelines. Meeting is for consortia members only.


November 3, 2021


BICCN Fall 2021 Meeting

Registration is open for our Fall 2021 BICCN consortium meeting, hosted virtually by the Brain Cell Data Center (BCDC) at the Allen Institute. The main goals of our meeting are to actively review ongoing BICCN 2.0 projects, review and discuss progress on standardization and metadata, and prepare for the joint meeting discussions. Meeting is intended for BICCN members only.


November 1, 2021


DANDI User Workshop

Learn to share and process your neurophysiology data with the DANDI Archive. DANDI is a platform for publishing, sharing, and processing neurophysiology data funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative.  This workshop is a hands-on online training targeted towards BICCN consortium members and others interested in sharing their data through the DANDI platform.




October 27, 2021


Revealing the Mammalian Motor Cortex: Brain Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) Flagship Release Webinar

The Brain Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) is a collaborative consortium of many labs interested in the cellular composition of the mammalian brain. BICCN has recently published a flagship publication describing the overall project, along with a companion package of papers describing the cell types, connectivity, anatomy and other properties of the mammalian primary motor cortex (MOp or M1). At this webinar, learn about this multimodal research from leaders of some of the research teams involved.