Data Access

BICCN is building comprehensive reference brain cell atlases that integrate molecular, anatomical, and functional data for describing cell types in mouse, human, and non-human primate brains. The BICCN seeks broad and rapid data dissemination to accelerate scientific exploration and encourage community engagement. 

All data produced from mouse, non-human primate, and open-access consented human brain samples will be available for unrestricted access and use immediately upon release to public databases.

Types of Data Access:

  • Search for Datasets: Use the BICCN Data Catalog to search across all data archives and find links to raw data, visualization tools, and protocols.
  • NEW! Data Dashboard: Review how much data and what types were generated for the BICCN.
  • Raw Data Download: Direct search and download at the BICCN Data Archives: NeMO, BIL, and DANDI (see below).


Primary data available from:

  • BICCN Data Inventory: hosted by the Brain Cell Data Center at Allen Institute for Brain Science.
  • NeMO: Neuroscience Multi-Omic Archive at University of Maryland
  • BIL: Brain Image Library at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • DANDI: Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology Data at MIT
  • BossDB: Brain Observatory Storage Service and Database



Downloading Data from the Data Archives


Neuroscience Multi-Omic (NeMO) Archive is a data repository specifically focused on the storage and dissemination of -omic data generated from the BRAIN Initiative and related brain research projects. Sequence-level data for human samples consented with restrictions will be made available through an approval process in conjunction with NIMH Data Archive and NeMO archive. 

Data download instructions.


Brain Image Library (BIL) is a national public resource enabling researchers to deposit, analyze, mine, share and interact with large brain image datasets. BIL encompasses the deposition of datasets, the integration of datasets into a searchable web-accessible system, the redistribution of datasets, and a computational enclave to allow researchers to process datasets in-place and share restricted and pre-release datasets. BIL is a public resource enabling researchers to deposit, analyze, mine, share and interact with large brain image datasets.

Data download instructions



DANDI: Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology Data Integration is a Web platform for scientists to share, collaborate, and process data from cellular neurophysiology experiments. DANDI works with BICCN and other BRAIN Initiative awardees to curate data using community data standards such such as NWB and BIDS, and to make data and software for cellular neurophysiology FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). DANDI will store electrical and optical cellular neurophysiology recordings and associated MRI and/or optical imaging data.

Data download instructions





Brain Observatory Storage Service and Database (BossDB) is a volumetric database for 3D and 4D neuroimaging data. BossDB focuses primarily on storing volumetric Electron Microscopy (EM) and X-Ray Microtomography (XRM) datasets generated as a part of the BRAIN Initiative. BossDB stores high resolution, multi-channel image data with registered segmentations, annotations, and meshes, and connects to a number of community resources for data access and data visualization. BossDB also stores connectomics datasets and contains a number of software tools and interfaces for querying and searching connectomes.

Data download instructions