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NeMO-Terra Cloud Environment for Molecular Omics

The NeMO archive and the Terra analysis environment are integrated to assure BICCN data can be analyzed in a secure and scalable environment by any scientist. This integration allows data accessed in NeMO’s multifaceted browser to be quickly handed-off to Terra where data can be analyzed using a secure cloud environment to process and analyze data. This environment spans institutes to promote sharing and has BICCN uniform processing pipelines preinstalled with tutorials. Please read this wiki for a brief overview or watch this BICCN workshop for a live detailed walkthrough.

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Terra Cloud Native Platform

Terra is a scalable, open-source platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate securely in the cloud. Terra powers important scientific projects including AnVIL, BioData Catalyst, Human Cell Atlas, the BICCN, and many others. Easily access both open and access-controlled datasets hosted in cloud repositories. Explore, analyze, and visualize data using Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, RShinyApps, and Galaxy. Run your own bioinformatics workflows at scale or try community favorites. Easily share your work with collaborators through secure workspaces.

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