The BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) presently comprises RF1 and U01 data generating groups, collaborative multicomponent U19 data generating centers, R24 data archives, and the Brain Cell Data Center (BCDC, U24 center). Description of the individual team projects and awards can be accessed below.

Team Grant Name Grant Number Organization
U01 - Chung Towards Integrated 3D Reconstruction of Whole Human Brains at Subcellular Resolution 1U01MH117072-01 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
U01 - Dong Anatomical Characterization of Neuronal Cell Types of the Mouse Brain 1U01MH114829-01 University of Southern California
U01 - Ecker Epigenomic cell-type classification and regulatory element identification in the human brain 1U01MH121282-01 Salk Institute for Biological Studies
U01 - Feng A Molecular and Cellular Atlas of the Marmoset Brain 1U01MH114819-01 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
U01 - Fischl Imaging and analysis Techniques to Construct a Cell Census Atlas of the Human Brain 1U01MH117023-01 Massachusetts General Hospital
U01 - Kriegstein A Cellular Resolution Census of the Developing Human Brain 1U01MH114825-01 University of California San Francisco
U01 - Lein A Multimodal Atlas of Human Brain Cell Types 1U01MH114812-01 Allen Institute for Brain Science
U01 - Osten Collaboratory for Atlasing Cell Type Anatomy in the Female and Male Mouse Brain 1U01MH114824-01 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
U01 - Snyder-Mackler Single cell transcriptional and epigenomic atlas of the macaque brain across the lifespan 1U01MH121260-01 University of Washington
U01 - Yang Dendritome Mapping of Genetically-Defined and Sparsely-Labeled Cortical and Striatal Projection Neurons 1U01MH117079-01 University of California, Los Angeles
U01 - Zhang, Kun Toward a Human Adult Brain Cell Atlas with Single-Cell Technologies 1U01MH114828-01A1 University of California, San Diego
U01 - Zhang, Li Cell Atlas of Mouse Brain-Spinal Cord Connectome 1U01MH116990-01 University of Southern California
U19 - Ecker Center for Epigenomics of the Mouse Brain Atlas 1U19MH114831-01 Salk Institute for Biological Studies
U19 - Huang A Comprehensive Center for Mouse Brain Cell Atlas 1U19MH114821-01 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
U19 - Zeng A Comprehensive Whole-Brain Atlas of Cell Types in the Mouse 1U19MH114830-01 Allen Institute for Brain Science
U24 - Hawrylycz A Community Resource for Single Cell Data in the Brain 1U24MH114827-01 Allen Institute for Brain Science
RF1 - Chung Highly specific, renewable, and cost-effective antibody toolbox for 3D proteomic phenotyping of the brain 1RF1MH121270-01 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RF1 - Mueller Accessible technologies for high-throughput, whole-brain reconstructions of molecularly characterized mammalian neurons 1RF1MH121539-01 Johns Hopkins University
RF1 - Nowakowski Mapping Developmental Lineage Relationships in the Cerebral Cortex 1RF1MH121268-01 University of California, San Francisco
RF1 - Regev Scaling up spatial RNA profiling with compressed sensing 1RF1MH121289-01 Broad Institute
RF1 - Tasic Cell class- or type-specific viruses for brain-wide labeling and neural circuit examination 1RF1MH121274-01 Allen Institute
RF1 - Tilgner Single cell isoform expression across mouse brain regions and development 1RF1MH121267-01 Weill Medical College of Cornell University
R24 - Ghosh DANDI: Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology Data Integration 1R24MH117295-01A1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
R24 - Hertzano Illuminating Neurodevelopment Through Integrated Analysis and Visualization of Multi-Omic Data 5R24MH114815-03 University of Maryland School of Medicine
R24 - Ropelewski A Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Brain Data Archive 1R24MH114793-01 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
R24 - White A BRAIN Initiative Resource: The Neuroscience Multi-omic Data Archive 1R24MH114788-01 University of Maryland